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venerdi 08/02/2013

Concerto Suicide Commando + Selene Riot + John Rox + Wormz

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INGRESSO 20€ con consumazione alla cassa

Not many Electro-bands can look back upon a quarter of a century of existence, numerous timeless club anthems and still be going strong as hell! Started back in 1986 with very limited equipment and heavily influenced by EBM legends like Klinik or Front 242, Suicide Commando over the years also became one of the rare acts pioneering an entire genre.
After releasing 9 demo tapes Suicide Commando soon got picked up by the rising german Off Beat label who released their first album "critical stage" back in 1994. Only one year later Suicide Commando already return with their 2nd album "stored images", including their first big clubhit "see you in hell", in 1996 followed by the "contamination" EP. Two years later Johan returns with his 3rd studio album "construct-destruct", offering some new clubfood with "better off dead" and "desire". End of the nineties Suicide Commando leaves Off Beat to start a new episode at Dependent Records.
After releasing a collection of old demo takes on chromdioxyde, the band unleashes mindstrip on us in 2000, including new club anthems like hellraiser or yet love breeds suicide. The mindstrip album brought Suicide Commando to the top of the harsh electro scene. Also its successor axis of evil in 2003 once again becomes an instant hit. After extensive touring throughout Europe and releasing several new singles and EPs the band finally returns with new material in 2006. Bind torture kill soon will become the band next big thing. To celebrate 20 years of Suicide Commando the limited X20 boxset is being released in 2007 and still the story goes on. In 2009 Suicide Commando signs to the german Out Of Line label and after releasing their first ever 7 vinyl severed head/until we die soon their new album implements of hell hits the stores in 2010, delivering us their next clubhits die motherfucker die, death cures all pain or yet God is in the rain.
2011 will become another milestone in SUICIDE COMMANDOs history as they exist exactly 25 years. To celebrate this unique birthday the band releases the suicide sessions, a luxury 6 CD boxset including their first 3 studio albums and 3 more CDs full of rare and previously unreleased material from their early days.

For over two decades the godfather of Harsh Electro has been bombarding us now with countless club smashers and morbid soundtracks, and still the end is not in sight. Full speed ahead !

This project is the ultimate incarnation of Dj Selene Riot, one of the first italian hard dance djs, and also founding member of Silicon Riot, the first italian hard house project. After being active for several years in the alternative scene as dj, producer, and musician, Selene decided that it was time to release a solo project. He developed a style that combines modern influences of the futurepop/old schoo ebm/industrial scene with his personal taste in music: harsh E.B.M, electronic rock, cold wave and some influences from the rock/pop bands of the 80's (ZZ Top, Billy Idol, Sigue Sigue Sputnik).
During live shows, Selene Riot is joined on stage by Orlok (e.drums) and Nemor (synth) and with them he shared the stage as opening act for some of the most important bands of the scene, like Hocico, Grendel, Noisex, Soman
Official appearence of Selene Riot: Italian Body Music vol. 4, Cryonica Tanz vol.5, Electro Body Matrix vol.1, Extreme Sundenfall 12
Selene started his activity in a psychedelic punk band named "Scarecrows" in 1993, then he disappeared from the scenes until 2003, when he joined the electro/death metal band Anger, as live bass guitarist and electronic producer. Besides his activity as musician, he tries to keep the alternative scene updated with new sound styles, like New NRG and Hardhouse, but once more he has to clash with the tastes of the mainstream.
But this time, his intentions are quite clear:
"I've always been here looking at you: listen to my sound, you'll understand my message this time."

WormZ is a cyberpunk music project from Italy, started in 2009 by Riko Frankenstar (Philip Zen, boss at NYCT Studio and AMP sound designer).
At the end of 2009 Drago Graveyards joined the team.
WormZ' style is a crossover between different scenes of the hard electro underground.
Their lyrics show the basic themes of the duo: avant-garde and future, cybernetics and transhumanism (everything focused on evolution).
Enjoy the R://Evolution.exe (2009) is their first demo.
In the middle of 2011 they created the first album Introduction to the System, inspired by the fusion of Hardstyle and Grindcore from Riko, and Harsh-Industrial sound from Drago.
WORMZ is bringing you into the Cyberpunk with their new album EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM; turn on your neuralware and get braindanced with their harshstyle sound!
Be ready for nasty basslines, violent synths and futuristic lyrics that will blow up your mind!
One of the most aggressive and crossovered styles in today's music!
We are no more humans, but not yet gods.
Through technology we will evolve.

John Rox is an Industrial Rock band, born from John Rox and Fabians passion for real music, that come from the soul. John Rox is just to transform a feeling came from the inside in music, harmony and rithm, to be felt all around by the listener.
John rox is also the first band to join Clan Rox.
This project sees the light in 2009 thanks to John, after many experiences on stage with a lot of artists and after many positive issues as single artist. So he decided to take the way of a soloist career, a new reality to continue makin music and songs under the name of John Rox.
Thats the reason of the choice to collaborate with Fabian, met on stage. A big musical intimacy was born and also a big friendship, on behalf of fortification of the human intercourse.
The first album The Time Hasnt time sees the light on aug 3 2010, under the name of John Rox, recorded, mixed & mastered by Fabian ( Om3ga studio ). The Album has cost a lot of work, givin lots of satisfactions.

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SUICIDE COMMANDO ---> 23:30 - 00:45
SELENE RIOT ---> 22:55 - 23:25
WORMZ ---> 22.20 - 22:50
JOHN ROX ---> 21.45 - 22:15
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Artisti in concerto

John Rox

The Theatre

Via Sesia 10

Rozzano (MI)

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Quinto de Stampi

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In Auto: Tangenziale Ovest uscita 7 bis Rozzano/Quinto de stampi.
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