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sabato 20/04/2024

Concerto Soft Riot

EUNAMAKINA presents:
feat. R7 AGENCY
No. is the tenth album by Soft Riot, the project of Canadian-British, Glasgow-based synth artist Jack Duckworth (JJD), released August 2023 on Possession Records (UK) and Wave Tension Records (NL). Renowned in the European underground synth/post-punk scene for his signature sound, No. showcases Jack Duckworth's unique and auteur approach to the "darkwave/synth" genre.
JJD was a founding member of Canadian first-wave post-punk revivalists Radio Berlin (1998-2005) and A Luna Red (Gold Standard Labs, 1999-2003), with Soft Riot surfacing as a solo act in the early 2010s in London, England. Soft Riot has toured Europe numerous times, from Rennes, France all the way east to Moscow, Russia with selected performances in North America. and stages have been shared with peers such as Keluar, Linea Aspera, She Past Away, Section 25, Selofan, Drab Majesty, Lebanon Hanover, Front 242, Absolute Body Control and Robert G - rl of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft.
Soft Riot's sound is an amalgamation of JJD's personal experience with music, containing elements of synthesizer based film soundtracks, romantic Italo-Disco style flourishes and angular, psychedelic synth-pop all tied together with an underlying tension. It is a science-fiction tinged soundscape that narrates the listener through today's fractured, excessive landscape with hints of black humour.
No. is a new album of nine tracks brings forward expanded production techniques, experiments with vocal styles and tones, and stylistic shifts mark a progression of Soft Riot's sound. The result is snarkier, urgent and more playful, with a focus on pure synthpop, new wave, art-punk, proto-EBM as well as grittier synth-punk and post-punk tones.
In the years 2021 and 2022 there were a number of one-off tracks released on compilations, as well as a digital single entitled Windows To The Wild (Versions), including new versions of that track by Soft Riot himself as well as friends Qual (William of Lebanon Hanover) and Glasgow's Ubre Blanca. Also released was the compilation album Second Lives in June 2021, which contained re-vamped versions of tracks from older albums, previously-released and hard-to-find covers of songs by Bruce Cockburn and Nomeansno, as well as unreleased matter from album sessions. When Push Comes To Shove, the natural predecsor to the latest album No - was released in late 2019 and resonated with references from all corners of the synthpop's origins. Notheless, When Push Comes To Shove manages to retain its own individual voice, melding and reinterpreting its antecedents with a personal twist and an impressive demonstration of synth-craft and programming. Around the same time Soft Riot released a counterpart album, Chin Up, written at the same time as When Push Comes To Shove and released in April 2020. This album features a notably different sound: more "ambient synth pop" for lack of a better description, and more for late night listening rather than live performance. 2018's The Outsider In The Mirrors was the first release on the Possession Records: a somewhat new label imprint co-founded by JJD. It is a consolidation of all the stylistic elements Soft Riot has pursued in the past, fusing his maximalist sonic palette with a sharp-edged sense of post-punk anxiety, unique synth interplay and brooding, claustrophobic new-wave dread. The music is tense, synthetic and precise, embodying and exploring issues of isolation, urban alienation and social paranoia. Yet despite these dark thematic preoccupations the Soft Riot sound is not without its warmth and humour. When playing live JJD mans no less than three synthesizers, a microphone and an on-stage mixer all performed with the energy of a full band.
Official site: www.softriot.com
IG: https://www.instagram.com/softriot/?hl=it
FB: https://www.facebook.com/softriot/

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