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venerdi 10/11/2023

Concerto This Eternal Decay + Then Comes Silence

- THEN COMES SILENCE (Fall 'N Winter Tour)
Friday 10th Nov 2023 at Traffic Club, Rome.
Then Comes Silence are the Swedish captains of postpunk. The quartet from Stockholm is a fresh breeze of gothic renaissance, kicking darkness around with hammering rhythms and melodies that make hearts melt and blood freeze. The fascination for doom and darkness pervade and influence every tune and word.
The music of Then Comes Silence takes the listener on a journey from swinging postpunk to the shadows of goth-gaze and into scraps of coal hearted psych. The sharp soundscape is intense, massive and pounding. The lyrics flirt with death and sorrow. It's goth, psychedelica, rock and post-punk in a symbiosis. Since the band's very first show, as the opening act for A Place to Bury Strangers in 2012.
The sonic collaboration of two guitars creates an imaginative dimensional sonic picture, propelled either side of the drum and bass lead, like a dark and winged creature. Sinister and threatening vocals set up a presence that is both exciting and foreboding. Adrenaline guaranteed! Their music attracts wide attention and is praised for its apocalyptic sound and dystopian message.
Rise To The Bait - Official Video
Support_ THIS ETERNAL DECAY (Trisol Group)
This Eternal Decay is the industrial-dark-wave project formed by Riccardo Sabetti (Spiral69), Pasquale Vico (Date at Midnight) Andrea Freda (Spiritual Front) and Alessio Schiavi (Avant-Garde). With this project, the unholy combo unleashes its drives for the romantic darkwave, which they melt with industrial rhythms and echoes of synth-pop.
The debut album is "I Choose an Eternity of This" (Trisol Music Group), an album that immediately gets noticed by the public and critics and that leads the band after only two months from its release, to go on tour throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as a support band for the Samsas Traum twice in a year.
In April 2020 they released the second album, "Silence", a work that with the participation in two tracks, by guests such as Then Comes Silence and Theaters Des Vampires. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, the band is forced to cancel many dates around Europe, but the reception of the public and the press is very warm, so much so as to lead to three reissues of the album in the time of 5 months.
June 2021, they return to the scene by releasing a Maxi Single entitled "Leave" containing four tracks, the single "Leave", two remixes by Kurs Lestat and an acoustic version of the song with the participation of Luigi Rubino (Ashram) on the piano.
January 7th 2022 "NOCTURN - ", the third studio album is released, Featuring guests of Hapax, Avant-Garde and Remixes from ACTORS, Ash Code, Wisborg and A Copy for Collapse.
The album is wonderfully received by critics and audiences, "NOCTURN - " is nominated in many charts as one of the best Darkwave albums of 2022.
In October 2022 the NocTour begins, a 15-date tour around Europe, which marks a large audience participation in almost all the gigs and also some sold out ones.
But the band doesn't stay idle - and throughout 2022 they record the fourth studio album, entitled "ABS - LUTI - N" ( - Trisol) to be released on May 19, 2023.
The album will be preceded by 3 singles, featuring remixes from Ductape, Zeromancer.

Metamorphosis - Music To Play In The Dark.
Music by Anth Severance, Paul Chemnitz & Tony Lestat
Alternative Retro Wave Neo Post-Punk 80's & 90's Gothic Rock
Disco Dark Electro Ebm Techno Industrial Metal Punk ecc.
All genres. Must wear all black. Total Black.

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Via Prenestina, 738


Informazioni sul locale:
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da Piazzale Prenestino 7 minuti (1 minuto dopo il quagliaro) dal GRA uscita 16 verso il centro 5 minuti
112 da Largo Preneste Notturno n.18 da piazza Venezia

Il locale si è trasferito in via prenestina nel 2011. Prima di allora era in vVia Vacuna 98


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