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ven 07/10/2016

Concerto Clan of xymox

flyer front
Since their formation in their native Holland their music has been constantly changing, always challenging and often quite breathtaking. Some of us have always been of the opinion that XYMOX are something special. A band fired by electronic music but determined, always, to make something that is very much their own. They are unique.
First there was Clan of Xymox, formed in Amsterdam but signed to leading English independent label 4-AD, home at one time or another to Bauhaus,the Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance and Pixies among others.
In 1997 Ronny Moorings ended the Xymox era, restarted Clan of Xymox and the band signed to a brand new USA and German based Independent label Tess Records.
The album "Hidden Faces" of Clan of Xymox relates to their 4-AD years with a modern feel to it; Various tracks sound heavy, layered with guitars, pounding rhythms, anguished & dark brooding vocals and dreamlike keyboard pads. "Hidden Faces" was Produced by Dave M. Allen (Sisters of Mercy, The Cure) and John A. Rivers (Dead Can Dance) This album marked the reformation of Clan Of Xymox and it's attitude towards it's own written history, convincing everyone once again of their qualities both on recordings and live performances.
In 1997 and 1998 Clan of Xymox were touring their album Hidden Faces and played also their favourite songs from the 4-AD era of which the reactions and reviews have been ecstatic. They played already in the USA, South America and most countries of Europe, headlining festivals with high lights such as the Gothic Wave Festival in Leipzig and the Zillo Festival, performing in front of 25.000 people and keep on intrigue and bedazzling people all over the world with their live show. Also the Two singles "Out of the Rain" and "This World" were released were ranking in the top 10 of the German Independent charts and numerous Indie charts all over the world are now considered club classics.
1999 saw the release of their darkest album ever, named "Creatures", again beautifully mixed by John A. Rivers and Ronny , on their new North American label Metropolis Records and Pandaimonium Records in Europe. Containing the song "Jasmine & Rose" now a club classic! Also 4- AD re released in the USA domestically the first self titled album "Clan of Xymox" with extra bonus track " Muscoviet Mosquito), plus the album "Medusa" including 3 bonus tracks (the "Scum" Single). Clan of Xymox backed up the album "Creatures" with an extensive world tour in 1999, they started in the United States with COX headlining on the prestigious sold out Convergence Festival in New Orleans, continued to tour the USA and returned a few months later again. The album had rave reviews and numerous articles in prestigious music magazines around the globe with several hight positions in the alternative charts, peaking at DAC number 4 for several weeks. In the Orkus issue of May in Germany the band was hailed as, Band, Act and Tour of the Month in May, and with the album "Creatures" being Album of the Month, a review placing it number 1 of their charts and number 2 in the Soundcheck of Sonic Seducer / Zillo.
September 2001 saw the Clan live at big festivals such as Mera Luna, Zillo and Eurorock but also the release of " Notes From The Underground ", acclaimed by critics as their best work ever. The album ranked already No 1 in the USA 's Musicfolio chart as the best album of 2001 and reached No 2 in the well known DAC charts plus numerous chart positions around the globe. The year 2002 saw in April a new tour plus a very first Remix Album of the band, all tracks of "Notes From The Underground " remixed by renowned artists like Front 242 or Assemblage 23 etc, called REMIXES FROM THE UNDERGROUND" and included was also the very first video disc of COX.
A few months later the single " There's No Tomorrow" was released with various remixes on it and soon 2003 saw the release of their latest album" Farewell", till date the most critically acclaimed record. It topped the DAC charts with a number 1 position, number 2 on the World DJ charts, was voted number 1 in Zillo Magazine soundcheck , basically topping in many alternative charts around the world.
January 2006 the EP" Weak In My Knees", included are remixes of Azoic, Destroid ,Grendel and Siva Six plus a video. followed by the release of the album " Breaking Point" which got again all praise and glory , entered high on all charts possible and imaginable , COX embarked on a further tour, this time operating from Germany, where the album Breaking Point got finished. The new album "In Love We Trust"came out worldwide August the 18th 2009 and reached nb 1 in the DUC & DAC nr.4 to name a few. Interviews, articles and rave 5 star reviews appeared in magazines, songs appear(ed) on global playlists and new songs were added into the tour of 2009 plus of course the all time classics.
"In Love We Trust" is now already considered another great classic release of the band.
Ronny Moorings' passion for huge, sensual melodies, mystical sound experiments and seductive dance rhythms is as unbroken as it ever was. Melancholy, energy and determination rule "Darkest Hour", a record whose tracks "My Reality" or the hypnotic club hit "Delete" & "My Chicane" work on any dancefloor, but that also delivers gripping entertainment and world-class Goth hymns with "Dream Of Fools" or the breathtaking "Wake Up My Darling". Crowned, as usual, with Ronny's unmistakable vocals instilling the necessary dark passion into his Dark Wave elegies.
2012 October" Kindred Spirits" release by Clan Of Xymox:
"Kindred Spirits" assembles eleven cover versions, entirely played, sung and recorded by Ronny Moorings. And what a selection it is: "Blue Monday" by NEW ORDER, "Question Of Time" by DEPECHE MODE, "Decades" by JOY DIVISION, "A Forest" by THE CURE or "Alice" by THE SISTERS OF MERCY may be songs one would have expected on Ronny Mooring's perennial playlist anyway; the manner in which he reawakens these tracks to a new CLAN OF XYMOX life, however, astounds and enthuses more than was deemed possible. Warm, organic, somewhere between wavy Electro and fog-clouded Goth Rock - these honorary tributes show a completely new side of CLAN OF XYMOX - and revive immortal classics as a pleasant side effect. More surprising is a song like RADIOHEAD's "Creep" that even after the first listen sounds like a well-known CLAN OF XYMOX track and was most skillfully interpreted. Pieces from DAVID BOWIE ("Heroes", of course), SHOCKING BLUE, DEPARTMENT S, NINE INCH NAILS as well as SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES (sung by Mojca Zunga) complete an extraordinary release brimful with emotion and nostalgia.
2014 saw the release on Valentines Day named :" Matters Of Mind, Body And Soul", which explores its signature, melancholic sound, as evidenced by standout tracks such as "I Close My Eyes" and "I'll Let You Go."CLAN OF XYMOX pull out all the stops and deliver energy, ideas and creativity as if they were about to release their debut album - and not their 15th studio work. "She is Falling in Love" shines with lost melodies and vibrant electronics as if Ronny Moorings made a song with DEPECHE MODE, "Kiss and Tell" shyly kisses the Wave era on the cheek before daring a fatal love affair with classic Goth dreaming."Matters of Mind, Body and Soul" melts contrasts like these into a coherent, harmonious, passionate album that would have become one of the genre's biggest milestones 20 years ago. Yet, thanks to Ronny Moorings ingenious craft, even today this album manages to reach a goal that has long become unreachable for other contestants of this art form: To deliver a timeless, deeply emotional Gothic record.
Also in September 2014 , 3 tracks of Clan Of Xymox's first Debut album were taken for a USA released movie " The Guest". A soundtrack album will also be released. Among the other artists like Sisters Of Mercy, Love and Rockets & Front 242. The Guest (2014) is an American psychological thriller film, directed and edited by Adam Wingard, and written by Simon Barrett. The film stars Dan Stevens, Maika Monroe, Brendan Meyer and Lance Reddick.

to be continued.


Dj Severance + Dj Chemnitz + Dj Demon

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Wave | 80's | Punkrock | Gothicrock | Dark | Goth


Dj Frank Black + Dj Timekiller

Darkwave | Postpunk | Batcave | Classic Goth
MinimalSynth | Early Industrial | Eighties | Witch

- Photos by Alessandro Schiariti Photo Art
- LightShow by Simone Vj Payne
- Open 11pm - Close 5am
- Ingresso 13 euro

MetaMorfosi Club Roma

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