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RELEASE: Like A Corpse Standing In Desperation (lim. 3CD+DVD Box)
08/06/2005 12:02, [protected] []
No more fake and highly overpriced SOPOR AETERNUS products on Ebay!

Originally, when the EPs „Ehjeh Ascher Ehjeh" and „Voyager - The Jugglers of Jusa", both strictly limited to 3000 copies at the time, had been released almost exactly one decade ago now, they were not meant to be re-released ever again. But due to exorbitantly high prices for those releases, and the fact that meanwhile more and more pirate-products have appeared (like unauthorised merchandising, Russian bootlegs of the latest mini-album "Flowers in Formaldehyde", and most of all fake copies of their legendary first tape, for prices often more than 100 EUR), SOPOR AETERNUS and their record-label APOCALYPTIC VISION RECORDS have now decided to put a stop to these activities.

For the official collection of "Like A Corpse Standing In Desperation" all those long sold-out recordings have now been digitally re-mastered are being made available again. Carefully designed by Anna-Varney herself, this collection comes as a beautiful fan-box, which does not only contain a tripple-CD and a DVD-single, but also (along with a few lovely SOPOR-esque "singularities") replicas of the most favourite of the unauthorised merchandising-products.

The BOX:
(black, solid cardboard-box covered with embossed paper, silver hotfoil-print)

· 3x audio-CDs (remasterd by John A. Rivers) with digibook (silver hotfoil-print on cover, 48-pages booklet !!!)
· 1x DVD-single (5 clips, extra digibook !!!)
· 6 previously unreleased tracks !!!
· T-Shirt (black,size L, front-print, premium quality, packaged !!!)
· 1:1 reproduction of the original DEMO-tape with two-sided cover (packaged in extra box !!!)
· Black grape for funeral wreaths (size: 2meters x 15cm !!!) with silver hotfoil-print (packaged in extra box !!!)
· 3x buttons (25mm diameter, packaged)
· Poster (A1, folded)
· 2x Patches
· Sticker
· Special Certificate (dedicatedly signed & numbered by Anna-Varney !!!)
· Limited Edition (only 3000 copies worldwide !!!)

Omen Sinistum (orig. demo) -- Dead Souls (orig. demo) -- Stake Of My Soul (orig. demo) -- Beautiful Thorn (orig. demo) -- Baptisma (orig. demo) -- The Feast Of Blood (orig. demo) -- Sopor Fratrem Mortis Est (orig. demo) -- Reprise (orig. demo) -- White Body (previously unreleased demo) -- Diô N'árap -- Tabor C'alan Oítana -- Deep the eternal Forest -- Watch Your Step (previously unreleased demo) -- Introduction: The Termite People -- Anima I -- Shadowsphere II -- Saltatio Crudelitatis -- Freitod-Phantasien -- Anima II -- Tanz der Grausamkeit -- As Fire Kissed The Echo Twins (previously unreleased demo)

The inexperieced Spiral Traveller II -- Ein freundliches Wort hat meine Seele berührt -- Memalon II -- Alone -- Modela Est -- Birth (instrumental) -- Feralia Genitalia: The Arrival of the Jugglers -- Menuetto -- Saturn-Impressionen -- May I kiss you Wound? -- Alone II -- The inexperieced Spiral Traveller II (instrumental) -- The Widow's Dream: Fragment (previously unreleased demo) -- The Goat (previously unreleased Outtake) -- The Bells have stopped ringing (previously unreleased Outtake)

In an Hour darkly -- The Conqueror Worm (by Edgar Allan Poe) -- Minnesang -- Von der Einfalt -- Hearse-shaped Basins of darkest Matter (instr.) -- Leeches & Deception (instr.) -- Extract from: The Voices of the Dead -- Do you know my Name?/What has happened while we slept? -- VIDEO TRAILER: La Chambre D'Echo (by Joachim Luetke)

And Bringer of Sadness -- The Bells have stopped ringing -- The Goat -- Deep the eternal Forest -- The Dog Burial


August, 22nd 2005

Nota: suppongo si potrà prenotare come al solito su www.infrarot.de
Sito italiano
22/06/2004 14:10, [protected] []
Un sito di riferimento italiano è www.soporaeternus.it
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