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25/02/2005 15:14, [protected] []
In 1990 TEA began their comet like rise with "Birth ... a place somewhere else" and "Sexual Decay". After the first studio takes in the legendary SSE Studios in 1991 with Winus Rilinger they produced their follow ups "Visions", "Door to my Pain", "Daughters of Guyon" and finally the first version of "San Diego" for their debut album "Atroci(-me)ty". Ever since TEA were a fundamental part of the German alternative clubscene. They went on their first headliner tour in 1992 with the EP "Luminographic Agony" and the hit songs "Agony ... I like" and "Paint it Black". Overwhelmed by their enormous success they recorded their next album "Trauma Rouge" in 1993 and performed the probably most legendary electro tour of the early 90´s. The Trauma over Europe - Tour broke all sales records for alternative bands as yet and rocketed them to the top of the European electro scene. In 1994 their success was even topped with their follow up album "War". Including songs like "Childhood" and the ballad "Jonathan" they conquered the alternative charts worldwide. Reaching the climax of their carreer the members of TEA decided to dedicate themselves to solo-projects - bands like INSIDE, CYAN KILLS E. COLI and CYAN evolved, mingeling between accustomed and new electronic styles. After a four year break TEA published their Best Of Album "Nothing meant Forever" in 1998. But it took another five years until they finally got back together and produced a new long player. "Katharsis" was published in 2003 and after a long time as Live - Teetotallers TEA came back to electrify their audience with songs like "Godless" or "Babylon" at various festivals. In 2004 the publication of the EP "Black Heritage" followed, which included not only cover versions of some of their favourite songs but also a new title in their mother language called "Schwarz". Even up to date the band has it´s critics - but TEA was, and will probably remain to be the most discussed about electro band of all time. They will always go their own special way without adapting to conventional methods or oppinions.
Conform or be cast out is not their way of making music...

1991 CD "Atroci(-me)ty" Glasnost
1992 CD "Luminographic Agony" Glasnost
1993 CD "Trauma Rouge" Glasnost
1993 CD "Jahweh Koresh" Glasnost
1993 VHS "The Awakening" (60 Minutes Live VHS)
1994 CD "War" Gymnastic/Chrome
1998 CD "Nothing meant forever" (Greatest Hits) Novatekk
2003 CD "Katharsis" Scanner / Soulfood
2004 EP "Black Heritage" Scanner / Soulfood
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