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sab 2/6/2007 Velvet (Rimini)
ven 1/6/2007 Forte prenestino (Roma)
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21/05/2007 22:32, [protected] []
Da un comunicato stampa:

I 45 Grave lanciarono la versione gotica del punk nel lontano 1981 con il loro 45 giri “Black Cross”. Il quintetto comprendeva il batterista Don Bolles (ex Germs), il chitarrista Paul Cutler, autori di tutte le musiche, la cantante Dinah Cancer (Mary Sims), autrice della maggior parte delle liriche, il bassista Rob Graves (ex Gun Club) e l’organista Paul Roessler. I 45 Grave sono spesso citati in molte biografie rock per aver avuto una massiccia influenza su gruppi che emersero dalla scena di Los Angeles negli anni a venire, Tra questi i Motley Crue, Guns And Roses, Faster Pussycat e Red Hot Chili Peppers. Nel 1991, in seguito alla morte del bassista Rob Graves per overdose, gli altri membri si separano e si dedicano ad altri progetti (La Cancer con i Penis Flytrap e i Graverobbers, Cutler con i Dream Sindacate e Bolles con i Celebrity Skin).
Nuove lineup: Dinah Cancer's 45 Grave!
22/07/2005 10:20, [protected] []
What is 45 GRAVE?

45 GRAVE, our favorite Heavy-Metal-Psychedelic-Post-Punk-What-the-Fuck-Ghoul-Rockers.

During 1979-1990 in Los Angeles, 45 GRAVE was born in the chaos of the Punk movement and churned out their own brand of Ghoul Rock. In the beginning, the original lineup consisted of Dinah Cancer-Vocals, Paul Cutler-guitar, Rob Graves-bass, and Don Bolles-drums.

The 45 GRAVE song "Partytime (Zombie Version)" made it onto the movie sound track for “RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD”. “Partytime” made full rotation on MTV (1984) and the song, "Evil", debut on MTV's The Cutting Edge in 1985. Appearing on many a teenagers’ wall or locker, Dinah was slated as 'The Queen of Punk and Deathrock' by many fan rags, and became the ultimate horror punk pinup girl. Touring the U.S., they grew up
with and shared the stage with artists like The
Ramones, The Misfits, The Cramps, and Black Flag.

45 Grave are cited in several rock music biographies to being a huge influence on many of the bands that surfaced from the L.A. scene, including Motley Crue, Guns and Roses, L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others. Their hit song “Partytime” is still licensed for tv and radio ads today.

The band’s momentum took a hit in 1991, when bassist Rob Graves passed away from an accidental overdose. The other members went their separate ways, pursuing their own musical projects (Dinah with Penis Flytrap and Dinah Cancer and The Graverobbers, Paul with Dream
Syndicate, and Don with Celebrity Skin, respectively).

Now in 2005, with the blessing of surviving members, 45 GRAVE is back as Dinah Cancer's 45 GRAVE. Dinah Cancer's 45 GRAVE is a collection of Punk, Metal, and Death, the original songs of 45 GRAVE with a new lineup. With songs like “Partytime”, “Bad Love”, “Evil”, “Concerned Citizen” and more, this will be the closest to 45 GRAVE that fans will see in their lifetime. Giving the fans what they wanted - one hour of the songs that they love and grew up with. According to Dinah, “I'm building this to keep the spirit of 45 GRAVE alive, introduce its magic to new fans, and as a personal commemorative of my best memories being the driving force and front person of 45 GRAVE. This is a part of my life that indeed changed me forever. Will it change yours?”

On the 25th anniversary of 45 GRAVE...Hell Is Coming To Your House!

New 45 Grave Lineup:

Dinah Cancer: Main Vocals
previous projects: 45 Grave, Castration Squad, Vox
Pop, Nervous Gender, Christian Death, Penis Flytrap, Dinah Cancer and the Graverobbers

Lisa Pifer: Bass/Vocals
previous projects: Nina Hagen, Snap Her, Lisafer,
FagsHags, UXA, The Resistance, DI, Dinah Cancer and the Graverobbers

Rikk Agnew: Lead Guitar/Vocals
previous projects: Social Distortion, The Adolescents, The Tourists, Christian Death, Rikk Agnews Yard Sale

Jaime Pina: Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
previous projects: Los Creamators, Chemical People, The Jeff Dahl Band, Down By Law, Punk Rock Vatos (PRV 13)

Mike "Thrashead" Sullivan: Drums
previous projects: Lisafer, Bad Acid Trip, Naked

For more info, click

To download full bio pdf,

Also, look for the old 45 GRAVE t-shirt designs and 45 GRAVE skateboards, plus re-releases of the 45 GRAVE catalog on
Rykodisc, in stores SOON.

Also look for 45 GRAVE's re-release of "Sleep In Safety" on
in stores NOW.

For booking or other info, contact :

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