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sabato 03/12/2022

Concerto NNHMN

Metamorphosis Club proudly presents:

NNHMN (No Human - Berlin - Synth-wave techno EBM Dark-Disco))
NNHMN is Berlin-based dark electronic music duo - creating moody and evocative music infected with haunted synth sounds, eerie ambiences and mysterious female vocals. Lee and Michal Laudarg embarked on a sonic journey on the thresholds of New Brutalist Theatre, experimental electronic music and techno culture.
NNHMN's intoxicating sound is defined by analogue textures and arpeggiated bass lines, with a sense of sonic exploration that veers from post-punk to haunted synth-wave and dark-disco. Obsessive synth lines, sultry vocal deliveries, and danceable grooves guide the listener through a thrilling multi-dimensional universe with minimal synth qualities and gothic undertones. Techno is also present here, in their special universe.
In December 2019 the duo released the album Shadow in the Dark - six stirring, sensual, deeply emotional, seething dark-wave cuts that hopelessly ignite one's dark heart and cold body. The vinyl edition of Shadow in the Dark was released in February 2020 by Oraculo Records. A surrealist painting by Aleksandra Waliszewska graces the album cover. Vinyl copies of Shadow in the Dark quickly sold out
The year 2020 saw NNHMN release two stellar EPs, Deception Island I & II. A fascinating vintage exposure with a true minimalist approach. The typical melodic strings, dry snares and icy sequences are
reminiscent of the 80s. Each EP is a solid work of incredible dark electronica teetering between cold - wave, post-punk, minimal-synth and other related genres. The nocturnal, synth-driven production is led by Lee's captivating and compelling vocals, whose seductive and sardonic delivery is inescapably entrancing.
Deception Island as a whole taps into a variety of moods and is of course undeniably dance floor friendly.
Physically released by Oraculo Records as two separate vinyl EPs, both vinyl editions again quickly sold out.
The mini-album Tomorrow's Heroine, the freshest NNHMN offering released in July 2021, is five songs of desire and sheer electronic magic, crafted to make you forget about reality, and to transport you into the darkness - into a techno-infused, groove-heavy, dark-wave dancing euphoria. The distant yet deeply emotional singing of Lee creates an icy, sensual touch while Michal's sonic production delivers a unique kind of dark-cellar dance-floor sensation. The vinyl for this album is the first to be released by NNHMN's very own imprint K-Dreams Records.
A special release on Friday the 13th of August 2021 came in the form of a NNHMN revision of Happy House (originally by Siouxsie & the Banshees). This special version is a love letter to the gothic queen Siouxsie herself.
NNHMN have built up a fervent and loyal following and have been welcomed and appreciated by numerous alternative festivals.
Opening: tba

Metamorphosis - Musick To Play In The Dark.
Music by Anth Severance, Paul Chemnitz, Tony Lestat
Alternative Music Retro Wave Neo Post-Punk 80's & 90's Gothic Rock Dark-Disco Electro Ebm Minimal Techno Industrial Metal Punk ecc.
All genres. Must wear all black. Total Black.
Electronic Wave, Neo Post-Punk, Proto Ebm & Industrial Music for emotional engagement, intellectual stimulation, energetic dancing and nostalgic enjoyment.
Use Hearing Protection - 100% vinyl vibe.
Wave Electronic 80's 90's Industrial Acid Downtempo New Beat Disco

Tickets: 10€
Info - 39 333 2572070
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Via Prenestina, 738


Informazioni sul locale:
(Nota: i dati sottostanti sono generici e potrebbero non essere validi per la serata specifica)
da Piazzale Prenestino 7 minuti (1 minuto dopo il quagliaro) dal GRA uscita 16 verso il centro 5 minuti
112 da Largo Preneste Notturno n.18 da piazza Venezia

Il locale si è trasferito in via prenestina nel 2011. Prima di allora era in vVia Vacuna 98


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