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ven 10/05/2019

Concerto Sad Lovers and Giants

Metamorphosis Club proudly presents:

- SAD LOVERS & GIANTS [New Album Official release]
special guest_ Artica

Friday 10th May 2019 at Traffic Club, Rome.

Sad Lovers & Giants are a rock band from Watford, England which formed in 1980. Their sound blends post-punk, atmospheric keyboards and psychedelia.

The original lineup included vocalist Gar - e (Simon) Allard, guitarist Tristan Garel-Funk, bassist Cliff Silver, drummer Nigel Pollard and keyboardist/saxophonist David Wood.
Following their debut EP Clé and the "Colourless Dream" single, both issued in 1981, they released their debut studio album, Epic Garden Music in 1982. It reached No. 21 in the UK Independent Albums Chart.
During this initial period they recorded a John Peel Session for the BBC, and a live concert for Radio Netherlands Worldwide in 1983 (later released as the album Total Sound in 1986).
Live performances included headline dates at UK colleges and clubs with occasional trips to Europe, although they did support the Sound at a major London venue on the day Epic Garden Music entered the charts. The singles "Lost in a Moment" (1982) and "Man of Straw" (1983) both made the UK Independent Singles Chart, reaching No. 48 and No. 31, respectively.

European interest in the band grew, and with the 1983 release of second album Feeding the Flame , they toured Germany and the Netherlands, gaining a dedicated fanbase. Tensions within the band caused a split, with Garel-Funk and Pollard leaving to form the Snake Corps.

During a hiatus, their label Midnight Music released the In the Breeze collection in 1984, which included one of their previously unreleased signature tunes, "Three Lines".

SLAG returned in 1987 with an updated lineup including original members Allard and Pollard along with newcomers Tony McGuinness (guitar), Juliet Sainsbury (keyboards) and Ian Gibson (bass), releasing a new album that year, The Mirror Test.

As interest abroad grew, the band performed extensively in the Netherlands, Spain and France, and headlined at the Marquee Club in London. Original bassist Silver returned, replacing Gibson, and they released a fourth studio album, Headland, in 1990.
After the 1991 release of Treehouse Poetry, Midnight Music folded and the band split once again, coming together occasionally for gigs supporting And Also the Trees at London's Marquee Club and Electric Ballroom.

E-mail from Eternity, a best-of compilation, was released by the record label Cherry Red in 1996 after the company picked up the Midnight catalogue.
In 2000, McGuinness formed progressive trance trio Above & Beyond with Jono Grant and Paavo Siljam - ki, also initiating his electronic dance music labels Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep.

In 2002, Sad Lovers & Giants released their sixth album, Melting in the Fullness of Time on Voight-Kampff Records, recorded predominantly by Allard and McGuinness with studio contributions from Sainsbury, Snake Corps bassist Liam McGuinness, drummer Kevin Mathews, and two members of Lovebabies, vocalist Jenny Clark and guitarist Bob Bradley. They played two dates in Italy a year later.
Another reformed lineup (Allard, McGuinness, Pollard, Gibson) played in Italy and Greece in April 2009, coinciding with Cherry Red's rereleases of Feeding the Flame and Epic Garden Music. Keyboardist Will Hicks joined later in 2009.

During 2010, the band played a handful of live dates in Athens and Barcelona (supported by the Snake Corps and the Essence, both previous Midnight bands), reissued The Mirror Test, and recorded a new 7" double A-side single, "Himalaya". They played at the Purple Turtle in Camden in December 2011, which was their first London gig since the early 1990s. In 2012, they played gigs in Berlin and Salerno and began writing and recording new material for a future album.

An extensive interview feature on SLAG appeared in the autumn 2013 and spring 2014 issues of music magazine The Big Takeover.
In 2014, frontman Allard published an autobiography of the band, Things We Never Did - The Story of Sad Lovers & Giants.
In March 2016, Sad Lovers & Giants embarked on a short tour of North America, performing mainly on the West Coast.[6] They made their U.S. live debut at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

In 2017, Cherry Red issued a five-disc retrospective box set, Where the Light Shines Through 1981-2017.
On 31 October 2018, the band released their seventh studio album and first in 16 years, Mission Creep.
to be continued.

The Artica project began in 1989 with a style close to what in those years was called Dark, Cold Wave and Gothic-Rock music.
It took some years before the band could find it's own musical identity. The fist expression of this was, on February 1993, the first demo-tape Marea, featuring 8 tracks with italian lyrics.
Good responses came from all over Italy but also from France, Germany and England.
In 1993 the band participated in several compilations and, gaining the interest of Olivier Paccaud (Lucie Cries - Alea Jacta Est), appeared for the first time on a CD support for Alea Jacta Est sampler "l'Appel De La Muse, vol. IV", with a mix of the track 'Preghiera'.
The interest in the band increased in Italy and abroad and even more after the release of the second demo-tape, "Dahlia" (February 1994) .
The number of the participations on ambitious compilations, such as 'Gothic-Rock II' (Jungle Records) and 'Death by Dawn 2 - The Avenger' (Apollyon Records), increased.
On top of this in 1994, Mick Mercer included Artica in the third "Gothic-Rock book" and soon after came good responses also from "gothic monsters" like Bari-Bari (Mephisto Walz), Mike Van Portfleet (Lycia/ Bleak), GodKrist (Madre Del Vizio), Patrick Hendrix (The Breath Of Life), Dave (Vendemmian), etc.
Thanks to J - rg Kleudgen (The House Of Usher) Artica's music came in the hands of Joelen Mingi (Angina Pectoris), at that time manager of the german label Nyctalopia and in May 1995 the first album CD 'Ombra e Luce', featuring 12 tracks (partly taken from the two previous demos and partly new), was finally released.
In April 1996 the band refuses a new contract with Nyctalopia and begins a new recording session for a forthcoming CD titled 'Natura', produced on July 1997 by the Italian label Radio Luxor.
During the releasing of Natura, the English label Euromedia produces the new Mick Mercer's compilation The Hex Files vol. 2 - The Goth Bible" where the band is featured with the new track 'Lucrezia'.
One year later Radio Luxor prepares a tribute to Virgin Prunes and Artica appear with a very personal cover of "Caucasian Walk".
After a long period of silence in April 1999 the band started a new long term collaboration with Decadance Records that brought to the release of the new album 'Plastic Terror'. Mostly sung in english, this brand new and suffered Cd is actually the very best expression of 16 years of music.
After a slit up and several alternative projects the band rejoined in 2012.

Aftershow by_
Dj Severance & Dj Frank Black [100% vinyl set]

Wave | Post-punk | Darkwave | Classic Goth | Batcave
Minimal | Industrial | E.b.m - Acid | New Beat

- Open 9pm - Ticket 15€

Traffic Club, Via Prenestina 738 [Roma]

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Artisti in concerto:
Via Prenestina, 738

Informazioni sul locale:
(Nota: i dati sottostanti sono generici e potrebbero non essere validi per la serata specifica)
da Piazzale Prenestino 7 minuti (1 minuto dopo il quagliaro) dal GRA uscita 16 verso il centro 5 minuti
112 da Largo Preneste Notturno n.18 da piazza Venezia

Il locale si è trasferito in via prenestina nel 2011. Prima di allora era in vVia Vacuna 98
Organizzazione evento:
Organizzazione evento:
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