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sab 20/01/2018

Concerto Moaan Exis + Petrolio

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French composer came out in 2015, Moaan Exis stirs industrial sounds with different kind of music from techno to film scores.
From the hardcore electro scene and inspired from his music experience with contemporary dancers, his tracks spread powerful bass and ecstatic ambiances.
Since its beginnings, Moaan Exis explores
genres, integrates them, in fact something that
someone can not define so easily.
A sound object burning melancholy with the
violence of a catastrophe.
There is little respite, yet so much urgency.
This is manifested by a powerful beat,
confusing rhythms, strange sounds, a brutal
distortion or not soothing soundscapes.
Because the motor is emotion. Ultimately,
Moaan Exis desires to sublimate sound into
fury, rage and sweat.
The first full leght album 'Trascendence' will be out on audiotrauma 30th October, 2017.

Moaan Exis is:
Mathieu: Programing, synth, percussions
Xavier: Live drum

1st Album - Transcendence - Octobre 2017
(Audiotrauma Records)
2nd EP - Invok - september 2016 (Audiotrauma
1er EP: febuary 2016 (Industrial Strength Records)

Petrolio (ITA) live
is the brainchild of Enrico Cerrato, already bass and keys player in the band Infection Code and collaborator of Moksa and Gabbiainferno. Here he explores the world of industrial doom with a sound akin to Godflesh, Nadja and Author & Punisher. Slow movements, electronic patterns, piano keys and more create a monolithic, but highly emotional, atmosphere full of different elements and ideas.

Di cosa si nasce it's his first album, published by the very courageous and experimental Italian label Dio Drone. A work made of seven tracks engulfed by grinding synth-lines, punishing drum machines and riffing attacks, with a frantic but severe soundscape. Cerrato manages to give us a personal view of industrial doom orchestrated by almost instrumental episodes where the full attention of the listener is required.

Our journey starts with El coco (do you know babau?), a slow crescendo made of electronic inputs and broken rhythms, one of the more futuristic tracks on the album, underlined by howling effects and redefined by a grandiose finale, characterized by an epic explosion. Eating lights slowly is a piano affair, an emotional episode where eerie sounds are added until we have a distorted and downtuned guitar dominating the scene, and Le spit's tree returns to industrial territory with screaming and cutting effects supported by an obsessive drone, culminating in a drum attack broken by slower movements.

Los suburbios is a cinematic experience, a crescendo made of suspense and robotic distortions, which grows until more varied rhythms are added to the composition. Then it evolves in a droning sound with creepy voices, an unsettling but charming track. Le bot noir uses an electro-influenced sound mixed with shrilling effects, thunderous drums and apocalyptic atmospheres, while La mater de odio gives space to the doom element of Petrolio's sound without forgetting spiraling electronics.

The album ends with Vs/us, opened by a sampled dialogue and built of mechanical loops, shrilling feedback, ambient sounds and evocative, cosmic synth lines. A perfect way to find a sense of closure, like the end of a book or a movie.

So, a really interesting take on industrial doom, characterized by unusually emotional and cathartic crescendos. Electronic sounds, really downtuned and distorted guitars, piano keys and more are used in a coherent, but exploratory, songwriting; the listener can really live a personal journey while listening to the music, which never gets boring or indulgent without straying too much from its core elements. A great work people should really give a try, maybe finding a new obsession.
(published by Davide Pappalardo / Flux Webzine)

- CONTRIBUTO SOCI 10€ con drink incluso


Punk - Alternative - 90s - Nu metal - Electro

[ HOLE ]
- Tardigrada
- Stefano Spada / Moho

partner _ Flux Webzine

thanks : Sylvain, Audiotrauma, Wave club, Moaan Exis, Enrico Cerrato (Petrolio) Flux Webzine and Alessio.

21.00 Apertura porte
23:00 Live
01.00 DJ Set
4.30 Chiusura

Puoi entrare al WAVE solo se sei munito di tessera CSEN ROSSA con data di rilascio nel 2017. Se non ce l'hai, puoi registrarti subito compilando il modulo di adesione, la quota associativa è solo 5€ per tutto l'anno, fino al 31 Dicembre! Se sei minorenne, sarà necessaria la firma di un genitore.
- Per i più evoluti di voi che volessero arrivare al Club già pronti per il tesseramento, è possibile stampare il modulo da -

Non solo il WAVE CLUB è uno dei posti più accessibili della Riviera, come tesserato potrai usufruire di numerosi servizi e risorse poste a tua disposizione, tra le quali:

- Parcheggio gratuito

- Copertura Wi-Fi

- Guardaroba

- Biliardino e Cabinato Retrogaming

- Numerosi giochi di società

- Giardino privato e recintato

- Ampia selezione di birre artigianali
(con in esclusiva le migliori di Birrificio Indipendente Elav)

- Cucina aperta tutta la notte con possibilità di cenare o stuzzicare, anche vegetariano o vegano, durante tutta la serata
(Cascioni & Piadine - Pizza - Fritti misti e patatine)


Associazione Atmosfear - Via Conca 4, Misano Adriatico (RN)

Pubblicità riservata ai soci del circolo
(art.31 L. n. 383 del 7 Dicembre 2000)

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Artisti in concerto:
Moaan Exis (fr)
Via Ponte Conca, 4
Misano Adriatico (RN)
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